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May 29, 2009


Tracy Feith's line for Target is just a collection that makes me really happy to look at it. It reminds me of a more colorful 50's look and vintage feel to it. These are perfect summer clothes that I need to have!I love how on the fabric Tracy has his signature just kind of randomly put there...or is it! This big floral print is also just really whoa.
This zip up dress reminds me of vintage mod oh and it reminds me of austin powers! woot woot!
Luuuoooovvveee this dress and the earthy patterns mixed with a navy blue feel because honestly I just dont look that good in earthy tones unless its a totally hippie feel to it! So this dress is jsut perfectly crazy...Lovely!
Love. X. <3


Frock Around the Clock said...

Why can't we have Target in the UK?! So unfair. I love the last one - it really reminds me of one that was (I think) Matthew Williamson for H&M - the colours and vague sort of print are lovely! :) x

Katie said...

they have really pretty swimsuits as well! i love the dresses. my favorite thing is the skirt with the golden leaves on it. its just perfect

FrouFrouu said...

gosh i'm so jealous that all you americans get to take advantage of the target collaborations! looks like an awesome collection.

- frouu/ nadia

Y said...

Ohh I LOVE the leaf skirt!

xAZD said...

cute cute! the models look so great in those clothes. :)


boubou said...

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a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx