ahhh rei kawakubo, luella, marc jacobs, geeks, acting, play-doh pizza, willy wonka, pearls, dr. martens, so not normal. well thats what you get for loving fashion, a warped mind coming up with crazy but epic ideas and a weird stalker like relationship with rei kawakubo...all I have to say.

March 31, 2009

I Heart You

Charlotte Ronson's I Heart Ronson's Line for JCPenney.
I used to shop at JCPenney when i was 8 but it started to shout out to me, "We dont know how to layer or dress you and all our clothes suck." thank you for telling me that and keeping me from making fashion mistakes but with Charlotte Ronson in JCPenney town i might just go back to have a peek...JCPenney is going to have their business pick up fast with ronson's designs.  Ronson said she like JCPenney but really she must have been paid to do that because JCPenney is so generic and boring so Charlotte please please fashionize it!!!!

Mmmmmhhhhh Berries!

I really love the look in Burberry's March 2009 ad. i first saw this ad in teen vogue and it was just such an eyecatcher because it reminds me of a sort of rain forest adventure boho look and waht girl doesnt like a crazy fashion adventure? i really wnat one of the hats and i think im gonna D.I.Y. it becasue i have a hat like this but i could add a little something something. but burberry really surprised me with this! thanks Burberry!!! i heart you!

I can see clearly now that the rain is gone...!!!!

Oh, chanel this really doesn't dissapoint me and you know why because i think it is pretty genius and i really kinda want one now...you have opened new amazing doors for my future and i thank you for that...now all i need to do is buy one of you! thank you chanel for for thinking about me in a time of purse design.well as you can see i think this purse is pretty nifty and cool and pretty much want one even though i didnt think so at first i have now thought about my stupid decision and made it way better. this purse is just so epic and never before seeen ahhhh!!!!

March 29, 2009

what would donald trump say?

Raining!!! Ahhh take cover hide me!!!! Very boring rainy sunday and i thought about mr. trump and how terribly mean he seems to be but i think beneath it all he must be a little nice right? well that was totally random but what are you gonna do...anywhoi had my shades closed so i didnt have to see the horrible outside world and maybe ill lock myself up! havent been posting much lately but that will all change when the play finishes! forever 21 skirt, moms vintage belt, creme leggings, aero cardigan( dont really like aeropostale but i wasnt just gonna throw it away, so i decided i would wear it, silver pearly ring from a flea market, some heels from mums closet and grey tank from alloy.com

March 27, 2009

Love this dress!!!
Elie Saab is like a breathe of fresh air. If ever any doubts of fashion look at her designs and all hope will be back from her beautifully cut and layered dresses to her chunky heels I feel like i just walked outside and bam a gusty wind hit me right in the face with Elie Saab...she's coming with a kabow!

Rodarte Fall 2008 Backstage

These are some of my favorite looks and just backstage fun pics i really liked from style.com

March 26, 2009

Drowning In Harem Pants

From now on i will be posting stuff more often i have been bizy with copacabana which shall take flight in about an el weeko. so anywho jsut loving the whole harem pants look. i mean ppl say it looks like you pooped your pants but there is something about these pants that makes me want some everytime i see them. but i can pretty much just D.I.Y. them cause its not to hard. just some sewing that needs to take place. which i should do this friday and saturday (i have play practice off) and i would rather do that than run around partying with these ppl who cant tell the difference between a chanel and coach(AAHHH!!!) anywho this is supposed to be a post about harem pants so here it is!

i love the first pic the best. to me so EPIC!!! <3 <3 <3

March 10, 2009

Blueberry Icecream!!! (That's for you Sara teeheehee!!!)

Here is my amazing 12 Bar Blues poem i had to write for english class today! I went to New York for Fashion Week. Oh, I went to New York for Fashion Week. I snuck into the back to take a peek. I was baffled by Marc Jacobs collection. Oh, I was baffled by Marc Jacobs collection. There was just such a humongous selection. I’m standing here still rehabbing from what I saw. Oh, I’m still standing here rehabbing from what I saw. I feel like I was hit by a dogs paw. Fashion Week was so exhilarating and fun. Oh, Fashion Week was so exhilarating and fun. When I left I saw the sun and a man run. Isn't it jsut great i was just amazed how the words just flowed lol jk jk its not that great but i figured i would share it because maybe someone who knows good poetry when they see it happened to see mine and was just awwwwweestruck!!! aahh ok well g2g to a French virtual field trip wooozzz and hooozzzz!!!!

March 8, 2009

Days are just so much better with strawberry Nesquik milk mmhhhmmm

I was just thinking i really like Anne Faith Nicholls art it is just so inspiring and makes you feel like your in a dream. but then it just feels so real.
i know its not very big but you can google her name shes really amazing!
im also a fan of report footwear and i dont think i have never liked anything from this line.

i love the print on the shoe and the way the straps crisscross it is just so crazy and fun and i have to own these shoes. the criss cross look is in and it to me just makes the foot so elegant but so fierce as tyra would say(hey tyra big fan big fan hehe) anywho and the criss cross jsut works out and to all you ppl who thought that it was just ugly well look at it now! (you know who you are....lol)

AAAAHHHH erin fetherston is amazing and has given me a new outlook on life and has showed me the path of love.! i love everything about erin from her pleated, belted, and silky dresses to her heart handbags! erin fetherston made a line for target and it was jsut amazing and erin is hitting the fashion community with more BAM ha didnt see that coming!
we love you ERIN!!! <3>
Nina Ricci's perfume smells so good but i am ending this post with a RIP for Ruslana Korshunova who was nina ricci's perfume model who died last year from falling from her apartment and it was concluded to being a suicide. i was a huge fan of ruslana's and she was beautiful and we all miss her and seeing her in magazine ads and we feel for her family.

March 7, 2009

looking back...

yesterday when i was in bed(recovering from the pain of the root canal but ill be ok) i was flipping through old Teen Vogue magazines because its fun seeing some from 2006 and 2007 but anywho one that really caught my eye was the June/July 2007 one "Wiz Kids" with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe on the cover and inside with Rupert Grint. im also a pretty big fan of harry potter lol but thats not the whole reason i loved this issue...my favorite pages were on the slogan tees designed by Henry Holland and modeled by his friend and very amazing model, Agnes Deyn. i loved the tee that Agnes was wearing that said, "I Spy A Teen Vogue DIY" ahh i loved it!
i just love the jewels on the shirt and the purple shirt i just love it and to the left i also like Holland's pink shirt that says, "She may be plastic but barbie's gymnastic."
I just adore these shirts even if this was in 2007!
Irina Lazareanu looked good as well in coco chanel black flats which was said to resemble 60's icon Brigitte Bardot's style and the simple black flats with black pants is just so classy casual that of course it is still living to this day.
very cute i love them!

March 6, 2009

is the room spinning or is it just me?

Alexander Wang is surprising us once again with his miami vice inspired outfits on the runway of new york fahion week im in love! oh dear i must be dreaming *pinch nope im not! and Mr. Wang did not disappoint and these clothes make me fell like a low life because i dont own any. one of my favorite looks was this one:

i love the cut on this dress and then the pattern AAAAHHHH absolutely positively supercalifragilisticexbealidoshush( i dont think this spelling is right but i tried i get credit for that right?) anywho...just fell in love with this must go buy for when the snow melts quick quick!

i love this dress as well and i like how it looks pinned up and i love the strappy shoes with this it seems like the shoes conclude the story! love love but still love marc jacobs more but i love you 2nd hehe or 3rd but thats good. this givenchy handbag is cute but it is said to be one of the most wanted of this year and i disagree a biti mean i still love the bag but its not the most wanted for me anyway i think it is just such a cliche of black and pink together and im just kinda sick of it but i do love the shape of the bag so i will give givenchy that hehe!!!

March 5, 2009

This Prison like place we call school

AAAAHHHH im in school right now and in a study hall feeling very much like i just puked and no more is going to come(but i really didnt puke and im not really sick hehe!!!)  anyway in 5 minutes i am leaving because i have to go get a root canal yeah yeah yeah yeah!  well the dentist said it didnt hurt and anyway if it does things wont be very pretty.  i was scared but my dentist has something we call a sense of humor and isnt harsh he is nice and makes sure it doesnt hurt which is good because i am a big baby.  ah like 2 more minutes and later i will post more about fashion week in paris.  so that should be exciting  omg i type slow because now i have one more minute ok stay calm just get it over with and it will be done before i know it ok i gotta go now...oh i just saw my last year algebra teacher totally my favorite teacher ok now i gotta go.  o and what calms me down is thinking of marc jacobs new designs which make me faint and i am still getting better from the shock.

March 2, 2009

Genius.....The One and Only Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has never ever disappointed me or most of his fans! He is genius and the clothe wrapping around the model is Epic and mummifying lol! I love the hint of hot pink in the shoes and little hand bag. i heartzzzz you MARC JACOBS!!!

March 1, 2009

Another snowy day ugh!

hey jessica here, it is snowing at my house and i am not very fond of it. i was just looking at styleobserver.com and i really love Alexander McQueens harem pants and they look so peaceful and remind me of doing yoga and aching alover the next morning but if you have harem pants none of that matters. ha no school today but back on wednesday good-bye february vacation hello to the feeling of annoyance of being in school with unfashionable and unmature people YIPPEE!!! i wonder if yippee has 1 p or 2.....questions like these haunt me. anyway i was also looking and gladiator sandals are so in right now which makes me jump for joy but also feel like puking happiness! my favorite way to wear gladiators is tucked into skinny jeans it just felt so right and wearing them makes you forget about all this not nice snow and makes you think of spring and summer with pretty flowers and sandy beaches....well it does for me anyway. mmmmhhhmmmm orange juice it's like the goddess of all juices and perfect for when you first wake up in the morning. i guess you could say orange juice is like my therapy!