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March 8, 2009

Days are just so much better with strawberry Nesquik milk mmhhhmmm

I was just thinking i really like Anne Faith Nicholls art it is just so inspiring and makes you feel like your in a dream. but then it just feels so real.
i know its not very big but you can google her name shes really amazing!
im also a fan of report footwear and i dont think i have never liked anything from this line.

i love the print on the shoe and the way the straps crisscross it is just so crazy and fun and i have to own these shoes. the criss cross look is in and it to me just makes the foot so elegant but so fierce as tyra would say(hey tyra big fan big fan hehe) anywho and the criss cross jsut works out and to all you ppl who thought that it was just ugly well look at it now! (you know who you are....lol)

AAAAHHHH erin fetherston is amazing and has given me a new outlook on life and has showed me the path of love.! i love everything about erin from her pleated, belted, and silky dresses to her heart handbags! erin fetherston made a line for target and it was jsut amazing and erin is hitting the fashion community with more BAM ha didnt see that coming!
we love you ERIN!!! <3>
Nina Ricci's perfume smells so good but i am ending this post with a RIP for Ruslana Korshunova who was nina ricci's perfume model who died last year from falling from her apartment and it was concluded to being a suicide. i was a huge fan of ruslana's and she was beautiful and we all miss her and seeing her in magazine ads and we feel for her family.

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