ahhh rei kawakubo, luella, marc jacobs, geeks, acting, play-doh pizza, willy wonka, pearls, dr. martens, so not normal. well thats what you get for loving fashion, a warped mind coming up with crazy but epic ideas and a weird stalker like relationship with rei kawakubo...all I have to say.

July 10, 2009

"Sweet Child of Mine"

Terry Richardson's "Sweet Child of Mine"....Epic Love.

July 9, 2009


Hi everyone I have been incognito for the past month...summer vaca has been very nice! I am actually visiting my sister and her college friends right now and I don't have my camera with me but soon hopefully I will get pictures up! I went shopping with my sister today and we went to a mexican grill place and starbucks....theres no going out without starbucks. I was in this store that I hate because my sister wanted to check it out(its Deb I just think that store is complete rubish but anyway) I was waiting outside the the fitting rooms for my sister and this shoebox fell and the shoes were actually really nice they were white ankle boots. So I figured why not try them on I figured it was fate which is why they fell...they fit perfectly and so I was gonna buy them but on the tag there were scribbles all over it. I asked the person that worked there how much they were...she checked and came back and told me they were $1. I was so happy and then a regular plain girl in aeropostale clothing asked if there were anymore but there werent they were the last pair...it was actually very hilarious! Okay enough here are some pics of Alexa Chung in vogue(yes my wife...soon to be...will you marry me?) yes i love Alexa's show if you hadnt noticed...kind of obsessed with it like I used to be obsessed with being as assassin in the Bourne movies. Isn't she just funny and so gorgeous...really jealz! Now I did another check on Topshop and here are some more of my favorite finds...especially the big fur vest.