ahhh rei kawakubo, luella, marc jacobs, geeks, acting, play-doh pizza, willy wonka, pearls, dr. martens, so not normal. well thats what you get for loving fashion, a warped mind coming up with crazy but epic ideas and a weird stalker like relationship with rei kawakubo...all I have to say.

April 30, 2009


I love the print of this shirt. it reminds me of spring in Ireland.
forever 21 dress, vintage shirt, moms vintage necklace, ralph lauren sneakers, forever 21 tights

April 29, 2009


So on Tuesday I wore something so boring and casual that it made me a little upset and unfunny feeling. But i was late for school and these were the first things i jusst threw on.the white shirt is D.I.Y.ed and i put a blue shirt under it with the black over. the white shirt is the only lively thing oh and the butterfly down there.
This is Horowtiz the Butterfly and he was fun and cute and made me feel young again. Thanks Horowtiz for being there buddy and making me feel and little fun and not so boring.
I had my Harajuku purse with me and this is what it looks like. i really like it even though it is kinda small.

April 28, 2009

Badgley Mischka Fall '09

I really loved Badgley Mischka's Show. There was a lot of nice cinched waists and bunched up fabric. Enjoy! I got my new camera and should download pics tomorrow.

April 27, 2009

Stephen Meisel's Photography

Hello loves i love stephen meisels photography and i thought i would share some of his pictures with you. have a lovely monday (even though mondays are icky and have cooties and scum on their boots). In Vogue with amazing models like Agyness Deyn, CocoRocha, Naomi Campbell and a whole lots more of amazing models that were lucky and got to chill with Stephen himself. Sometimes i feel so deprived and underpriveleged.

I love this and the fabric she is laying on.

April 26, 2009

Sunday April 26, 2009

Oh vogue you make me feel like i need new clothes every time i read you. this is either not very nice or uncanningly very sneaky... vogue you little foxes you.

i wonder if i could walk in these shoes? EPIC or what?

aaaahhhhahahah so good news new camera should be coming tomorrow kinda excited but then again school is tomorrow so trying to figure out a way to pause time.

April 21, 2009

Camera's are Stupid! Except when they work!!!

okay so my digital camera broke so not any pictures yet but soon! i just need to order a new one so hopefully this week sometime!!!!!

April 17, 2009

what time is it?

It has been alittle while since i have been on. busy, busy, busy!!!! i will be posting pics of the bunny i got for easter soon!!! happy easter to everyone(so late haha!) so i luuuuuooooooovvvveeeee this watch like i used to love barney(but we have gone our seperate ways now).

this watch is so amazingly beautiful and i love it

so much and it makes me want to go to Paris

more and more with every second of the day!!!

Ah its like love at first site!!!

April 9, 2009

Alexander Wang!!!!

ALEXANDER WANG: nothing recent recent just fine shots i liked! ENJOY!!!

It's raining and snowing....hair?.??!?!!?!?!?!?!

Taylor Momsen is just such an icon just thought i should throw that out there!!! enjoy the pics!!!
Im really excited to see Greta in the 6th Harry Potter movie!!! I love her style and her Dr. Marten's hehe!!!!
Im really excited to see Greta in the 6th Harry Potter movie!!! I love her style and her Dr. Marten's hehe!!!!