ahhh rei kawakubo, luella, marc jacobs, geeks, acting, play-doh pizza, willy wonka, pearls, dr. martens, so not normal. well thats what you get for loving fashion, a warped mind coming up with crazy but epic ideas and a weird stalker like relationship with rei kawakubo...all I have to say.

May 29, 2009


Tracy Feith's line for Target is just a collection that makes me really happy to look at it. It reminds me of a more colorful 50's look and vintage feel to it. These are perfect summer clothes that I need to have!I love how on the fabric Tracy has his signature just kind of randomly put there...or is it! This big floral print is also just really whoa.
This zip up dress reminds me of vintage mod oh and it reminds me of austin powers! woot woot!
Luuuoooovvveee this dress and the earthy patterns mixed with a navy blue feel because honestly I just dont look that good in earthy tones unless its a totally hippie feel to it! So this dress is jsut perfectly crazy...Lovely!
Love. X. <3

May 27, 2009


LEGOS!!!!!! This collection of Jean Charles de Castelbaja is pretty much epic. I mean Lego hats for god sakes is amazing and truly just mindblowing! This is the work of a real genius, and if you don't love this collection then your crazy...(but I will still be your friend...you know who you are.)
Now I'm hyperventilating! This plastic thingy i def need...it would make a good poncho and i wouldnt get wet. These girls have like kisses all over them...crazZZy!
ooooohhhhhooooohhh dinosaurs...look how cute he is, im gonna name him Ralph...oh look at him isnt he so cute...hi ralph...ralph...ralph...no stop...dont do that....let go of that girls head...ralph ralph no stop!!!OBAMA! YEAH! WOO! I want this dress, i want this dress, i want this dress and those totally crazy Obama gloves to go with it. and a pair of matching sneakers so then I can be Obamafied. woo hoo! Lego hat lego hat can i touch your lego hat? this collection seriously makes me feel so happy and young and not like a regular kind of happy and young a new and undiscovered happy and young. and with the clouds in the background it makes it feel like a dream but you can still touch it i just feel this melancholy air and i can hear a sweet song? am i going crazy?!?! nope i just got the LEGO'S! At first i thought this was an M&M dress and guess what?....its not its a lego dress yeah for legos yeah for legos boo for eggos boo for eggos
This is a very simple outfit from the show but i still want it...floppy hats just have a place in my heart what can i say!
hope your having a lovely week!

May 26, 2009


Sorry for the shortage of posts but iI had a three day weekend and it was beautiful outside so most of my time was spent out there. Then for a stupid whole 2 hours I had to start typing my anthology for english which is due friday and then we have to present it next week and it counts for our exam grade so I was working really hard on it. My new obsession is eco friendly, organic items because I am just a born hippie I suppose (this is not a bad thing though hippies are lovely, ask anyone)! So I actually have this water bottle, its actually my brothers but i took it and he hasnt asked for it back so for now its mine. Be ECO FRIENDLY or we will all die! But girls should drink out of these eco friendly aluminum bottles anyway because 1) plastic is bad for the environment and 2) a girl can get breat cancer from drinking out of plastic! And these eco friendly bottles are just so cute!
I also want to start yoga and meditating to calm myself and to be more flexible and relaxed and so this yoga mat is sweet and this yoga bag is awesome so i will be purchasing these items A.S.A.P or just ask for them for my birthday whichever comes first!
This candles are so cute i love the colors and they are made out of recycled cans.
Floral is the best i am in love with floral! Floral is an obsession of mine as well so 2 obsessions put together is just unexplainable! I love these sneakers and they look super duper comfy! so epic! And of course the recycled bag! Everyones gotta have one. So be green and eco friendly and help the world....you know you cant resist these great buys (Anne this is a hello to you i just felt it was a really appropriate time...Anne is my hippie friend and we are both going to join a hippie commune....no seriously we are....she is lovely maybe you'll see her picture on here sometime if your lucky!...okay bye Anne I have Got to go.) ECO-FRIENDLY ROCKS!!!

May 22, 2009


ohmygoshohmyohmy i only have 2 weeks of school and then 3 days of exams and i am so happy and can't wait for summer vacation, going to new york, taking beautiful picnics, camping and the wonderful warm summer breeze. i could just be a poet with all my classsy wording dont cha think?!?!?! sorry im so crazy i am just happy and have been living on coffee because coffee is good and who wouldnt want to drink coffee every minute of their free time right? okay so anyway back to this post here, i seizure when i see mens clothes worn in feminine ways i just cant help myself. but on top of all that here are some pictures from teen vogue that are more men like clothes but also in a more british electric epic way!
i love this picture, i wish i had a kite...that would be a good summer project... oh all the colorful kites are just so pretty aaahhhaahhhkkk this is making me more excited for summer! ooohhh sweet tights look at them, bow at their feet, kiss them , stare at them but dont smell them.

May 21, 2009


Chanel Resort 2010 Collection

May 20, 2009


Sorry for not having posts in forever. So I did an email interview with the Lovely Ana at Fashion Moment. 1. Who are your inspirations? For me, has never been a great inspiration as one, but hundreds of small ... In the first line, two of my greatest inspirations are women who exude confidence: Anna Piaggi and it was my mother. My mother was a true lady. All I know about fashion and style, she learned me. She’ll be my the most divine inspiration, always! Many people wrote about an amazing lady - Anna Wintour, but for me personally, Anna Piaggi always been something different! Anna is endless source of inspiration If you asking me about designers, it’s Giambattista Valli, and Zac Posen. Generally. I'm not prone to the current inspiration. And, my inspirations (Muses) always are: Christian Lacroix, colors, photography, everything Haute, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Kate Moss, biographies of few people, Carmen Llera Moravia, avant-garde, Paris, Galliano & Gaultier, my closet, lady Chanel, Zuhair Murad, In flagranti, Balkan, high heels, jeans, Marie Antoinette, Rushka Bergman, Valentino Garavani, gold and vine, silk, pearls… 2. What about fashion makes you love it? One sentence: If you don’t have to love somebody, buy the shoes! Fashion is my eternal love. 3. What motivated you to start a blog? For the first time I imagined my blog as - personal street style, but then I wondered: Why would anyone interested in what I am wearing? Then I decided to have this concept, as is. I have to say - great support then and now is an extraordinary lady – Couture Carrie! 4. How would you describe your style? Remix! Reduced the appearance, sophisticated, sometimes extravagant. In my closet I act as an Ego Maniac, hahahah… 5. What style are you most excited for this summer? I assume that this summer will be explosion of colors and styles! And very Feminine! I’ll try to opposite attract. And, I’ll create joy as well! French and Resort, in any case! Now you have seen Ana's amazing answers so now go check out her blog! Have a Lovely Day!

May 15, 2009


ohmygosh! It's Friday Loves I am so ecstatic...I can't wait to go home and eat my peach yogurt waiting for me in the fridge. I also can't wait to create some more outfits for my outfit posts. So no one at school know's about my blog and has actually seen it except Anne. Hi Anne, your probably reading this right now so hi hi hizzzz...yeah so im saying hi to Anne right there not you so you wouldnt really understand unless you are Anne...but i dont want to be rude so hi everyone who is reading this. okay anne i have to go talk about these pictures so by by Anne i miss you. Anne is the only one who has seen my blog and the only one im really going to tell because she knows she just knows unlike everyone else in this small town school( that was a compliment anne hi again). so these pictures are of Erdem's new Resort 2010 Collection.
I want this dress to the left right here is would look amazing with ripped up tights and combat boots i just want it. and it looks silky soft ooooooo!
The new collection is just so Asian forward and i love it and the Asian look to it it is just so warm and welcoming.

May 14, 2009


Okay so here is the outfit post i promised. haha sorry for the long wait. so it was a nice day on wednesday and this vintage skirt is becoming my obsession at the moment so i have it in a lot of pictures (but at least i pair it with different stuff i mean you know, haha sarcasm) and even though it has been fairly nice out i am still going to wear my tights because i love them i just need to get more colors and designs (because that would be cool john okay???) that was for john. hi john you dont read my blog and i am happy you dont but hi anyway. i am going to ask john to model some guy clothes sometime so maybe you'll see him. he's my cousin and we're the same age or were until he joined the dark side and turned 16. i know you feel bad for me. bye john bye. so this week is almost done and this weekend i am going to go buy my friend Paige something for her birthday which is next weekend and she is turning 16 to traitors...she loves horses so.....dont tell her i am going to buy her a......PONY!! no just kidding she already has horses but ill get her something horse related. i know genius!
My pretty crystal flower ring.
mom's vintage skirt, forever 21 western button up shirt, white hanes shirt, H&M tights, forever 21 ballet flats, forever 21 navy blue leggings, vintage flower crystal ring, unknow headband