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May 26, 2009


Sorry for the shortage of posts but iI had a three day weekend and it was beautiful outside so most of my time was spent out there. Then for a stupid whole 2 hours I had to start typing my anthology for english which is due friday and then we have to present it next week and it counts for our exam grade so I was working really hard on it. My new obsession is eco friendly, organic items because I am just a born hippie I suppose (this is not a bad thing though hippies are lovely, ask anyone)! So I actually have this water bottle, its actually my brothers but i took it and he hasnt asked for it back so for now its mine. Be ECO FRIENDLY or we will all die! But girls should drink out of these eco friendly aluminum bottles anyway because 1) plastic is bad for the environment and 2) a girl can get breat cancer from drinking out of plastic! And these eco friendly bottles are just so cute!
I also want to start yoga and meditating to calm myself and to be more flexible and relaxed and so this yoga mat is sweet and this yoga bag is awesome so i will be purchasing these items A.S.A.P or just ask for them for my birthday whichever comes first!
This candles are so cute i love the colors and they are made out of recycled cans.
Floral is the best i am in love with floral! Floral is an obsession of mine as well so 2 obsessions put together is just unexplainable! I love these sneakers and they look super duper comfy! so epic! And of course the recycled bag! Everyones gotta have one. So be green and eco friendly and help the world....you know you cant resist these great buys (Anne this is a hello to you i just felt it was a really appropriate time...Anne is my hippie friend and we are both going to join a hippie commune....no seriously we are....she is lovely maybe you'll see her picture on here sometime if your lucky!...okay bye Anne I have Got to go.) ECO-FRIENDLY ROCKS!!!

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