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May 15, 2009


ohmygosh! It's Friday Loves I am so ecstatic...I can't wait to go home and eat my peach yogurt waiting for me in the fridge. I also can't wait to create some more outfits for my outfit posts. So no one at school know's about my blog and has actually seen it except Anne. Hi Anne, your probably reading this right now so hi hi hizzzz...yeah so im saying hi to Anne right there not you so you wouldnt really understand unless you are Anne...but i dont want to be rude so hi everyone who is reading this. okay anne i have to go talk about these pictures so by by Anne i miss you. Anne is the only one who has seen my blog and the only one im really going to tell because she knows she just knows unlike everyone else in this small town school( that was a compliment anne hi again). so these pictures are of Erdem's new Resort 2010 Collection.
I want this dress to the left right here is would look amazing with ripped up tights and combat boots i just want it. and it looks silky soft ooooooo!
The new collection is just so Asian forward and i love it and the Asian look to it it is just so warm and welcoming.


Fashion Moment said...

I saw this collection yesterday! So simple and fantastic! I like that dark blue long dress. I was published your Interview, darling. Thank you again!


xavia said...

i tag you

setyourselfonfire said...

i really like your blog. and these outfits are gorgeous xx