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May 14, 2009


Okay so here is the outfit post i promised. haha sorry for the long wait. so it was a nice day on wednesday and this vintage skirt is becoming my obsession at the moment so i have it in a lot of pictures (but at least i pair it with different stuff i mean you know, haha sarcasm) and even though it has been fairly nice out i am still going to wear my tights because i love them i just need to get more colors and designs (because that would be cool john okay???) that was for john. hi john you dont read my blog and i am happy you dont but hi anyway. i am going to ask john to model some guy clothes sometime so maybe you'll see him. he's my cousin and we're the same age or were until he joined the dark side and turned 16. i know you feel bad for me. bye john bye. so this week is almost done and this weekend i am going to go buy my friend Paige something for her birthday which is next weekend and she is turning 16 to traitors...she loves horses so.....dont tell her i am going to buy her a......PONY!! no just kidding she already has horses but ill get her something horse related. i know genius!
My pretty crystal flower ring.
mom's vintage skirt, forever 21 western button up shirt, white hanes shirt, H&M tights, forever 21 ballet flats, forever 21 navy blue leggings, vintage flower crystal ring, unknow headband


Fashion Moment said...

Great dress, darling, and great shoes!Lovely!


*** said...

I love the layering.