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May 7, 2009


oooooo prom dresses. well im not going to prom this yeah but i love these dresses especially the 3rd one: the tutu poufe one so nice. noone at my schoolwill have anything like these so it will be funny to see what kind of dresses they where haha and then laugh at them all night while watching disney channeling and coloring with my imiginary friend. o i love keeping my childhood alive. okay so lately been busy so sorry for not a lot of posts. i have a powerpoint for my fashions class that is really exciting and i am doing the 1980's so it's crazi awesome fashion and cool cuts. also i am saving up money for france next year (with my parents help haha) but i want to raise some and feel accomplished. so here are some great pics of the twilight spread in the arpil Teen Vogue issue. I love this dress above it is so amazing and epicly lovely i want it so bad. i hope everyone had a good week. its almost friday! Love.


Y said...

AWesome photos! Thanks for posting!

MAGDArling said...

love those photos;D the light pink dress is purely gorgeous;)))
how long do u live in USA?;D do u still speak polish?;)))