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May 22, 2009


ohmygoshohmyohmy i only have 2 weeks of school and then 3 days of exams and i am so happy and can't wait for summer vacation, going to new york, taking beautiful picnics, camping and the wonderful warm summer breeze. i could just be a poet with all my classsy wording dont cha think?!?!?! sorry im so crazy i am just happy and have been living on coffee because coffee is good and who wouldnt want to drink coffee every minute of their free time right? okay so anyway back to this post here, i seizure when i see mens clothes worn in feminine ways i just cant help myself. but on top of all that here are some pictures from teen vogue that are more men like clothes but also in a more british electric epic way!
i love this picture, i wish i had a kite...that would be a good summer project... oh all the colorful kites are just so pretty aaahhhaahhhkkk this is making me more excited for summer! ooohhh sweet tights look at them, bow at their feet, kiss them , stare at them but dont smell them.


Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful editorial! Have a great weekend, darling,


myrrh goldframe said...

love this blog!! all are awesome!!!

i linked you baby!