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May 8, 2009


It's raining and it's suppposed to rain all weekend and all i want is to have sunshine and some of these jelly sandals. these jelly sandals were featured in teen vogue in the may issue and they are really sweet looking and look really comfy. i wonder if they would hurt your feet though...oh well i still want the wedges and def the sneakers. so im working on an anthology for english and i am setting a theme as art incorporated in fashion and everyday life. so its like the blogging fashion art part of my life that i am writing about. so its really cool and i have got some quotes from people like coco chanel and chuck palschnik. so things are sweet. now all i need is jelly shoes. woo-hoo for jelly shoes. i hope everyone is having a wonderful friday. Love.

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The Fashion Connection said...

Jellys are oh so tempting, but I've also heard words of them being incredibly uncomfortable. I might just have to try for myself :)