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May 27, 2009


LEGOS!!!!!! This collection of Jean Charles de Castelbaja is pretty much epic. I mean Lego hats for god sakes is amazing and truly just mindblowing! This is the work of a real genius, and if you don't love this collection then your crazy...(but I will still be your friend...you know who you are.)
Now I'm hyperventilating! This plastic thingy i def need...it would make a good poncho and i wouldnt get wet. These girls have like kisses all over them...crazZZy!
ooooohhhhhooooohhh dinosaurs...look how cute he is, im gonna name him Ralph...oh look at him isnt he so cute...hi ralph...ralph...ralph...no stop...dont do that....let go of that girls head...ralph ralph no stop!!!OBAMA! YEAH! WOO! I want this dress, i want this dress, i want this dress and those totally crazy Obama gloves to go with it. and a pair of matching sneakers so then I can be Obamafied. woo hoo! Lego hat lego hat can i touch your lego hat? this collection seriously makes me feel so happy and young and not like a regular kind of happy and young a new and undiscovered happy and young. and with the clouds in the background it makes it feel like a dream but you can still touch it i just feel this melancholy air and i can hear a sweet song? am i going crazy?!?! nope i just got the LEGO'S! At first i thought this was an M&M dress and guess what?....its not its a lego dress yeah for legos yeah for legos boo for eggos boo for eggos
This is a very simple outfit from the show but i still want it...floppy hats just have a place in my heart what can i say!
hope your having a lovely week!

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