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March 7, 2009

looking back...

yesterday when i was in bed(recovering from the pain of the root canal but ill be ok) i was flipping through old Teen Vogue magazines because its fun seeing some from 2006 and 2007 but anywho one that really caught my eye was the June/July 2007 one "Wiz Kids" with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe on the cover and inside with Rupert Grint. im also a pretty big fan of harry potter lol but thats not the whole reason i loved this issue...my favorite pages were on the slogan tees designed by Henry Holland and modeled by his friend and very amazing model, Agnes Deyn. i loved the tee that Agnes was wearing that said, "I Spy A Teen Vogue DIY" ahh i loved it!
i just love the jewels on the shirt and the purple shirt i just love it and to the left i also like Holland's pink shirt that says, "She may be plastic but barbie's gymnastic."
I just adore these shirts even if this was in 2007!
Irina Lazareanu looked good as well in coco chanel black flats which was said to resemble 60's icon Brigitte Bardot's style and the simple black flats with black pants is just so classy casual that of course it is still living to this day.
very cute i love them!

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