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March 6, 2009

is the room spinning or is it just me?

Alexander Wang is surprising us once again with his miami vice inspired outfits on the runway of new york fahion week im in love! oh dear i must be dreaming *pinch nope im not! and Mr. Wang did not disappoint and these clothes make me fell like a low life because i dont own any. one of my favorite looks was this one:

i love the cut on this dress and then the pattern AAAAHHHH absolutely positively supercalifragilisticexbealidoshush( i dont think this spelling is right but i tried i get credit for that right?) anywho...just fell in love with this must go buy for when the snow melts quick quick!

i love this dress as well and i like how it looks pinned up and i love the strappy shoes with this it seems like the shoes conclude the story! love love but still love marc jacobs more but i love you 2nd hehe or 3rd but thats good. this givenchy handbag is cute but it is said to be one of the most wanted of this year and i disagree a biti mean i still love the bag but its not the most wanted for me anyway i think it is just such a cliche of black and pink together and im just kinda sick of it but i do love the shape of the bag so i will give givenchy that hehe!!!

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