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June 3, 2009


Hi everybody sorry for the lack of posts I have exams next week so this week I have been studying my geometry brains out! Its so crazy so hopefully an outfit post in the next 2 days or this weekend! I cannot wait for summer and these pictures arent helping any! I love the swimsuits and the water is so pretty aaahhh!I love this striped sailor sweater over the bathing suit its so preppy...i love preppy now thanks to gossip girl..ugh thanks a lot! Floral bathing suits are def to die for and I just love floral prints and then putting them on a cute frilly bathing suit....well super duper genius no?!?!?!? Loving this lovely greek goddess headband by Emily Elizabeth! yeah for olive tree leaves on headbands yeah!
I love this bag even for the beach, but a bigger one would be nice to so you could put your stuff to build sandcastles in it! but wait this one is a perfect one to hold your sunscreen.
Yeah a fishy! oh its so cute got to have this cute little guy huh dont you? isnt he so cute? yes, yes he is cute! So I like fliop-flops once in a while but not all the time so these Top Sider canvas boat shoes are perfect for me I would love to have them in different blocks of color! yeah for color and summer and june! yeah! I hope everyone is having a fantastic, pretty, nice, and lovely week of June! and I don't like you if you dont have school right now....totally jealzzz!
Have a lovely wednesday and rest of week!
Love. X. JL


xAZD said...

it's all so cute! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your homepage banner. that is an amazing photo!


Fashion Moment said...

Wow, I need a sea! Wonderful post!
Have a great weekend,


Enep said...

great stuffs! I love it all :--D


Frock Around the Clock said...

Wow! This is a lovely selection! I adore that head band - very pretty. Hope your studying isn't too boring! :) x

MAGDArling said...

love those pictures;D i want sun and beach;))) and this headband is gorgeous;D wow;)

Anni said...

Oh, great summer photos.;)
I have searched for perfect swimsuit forever;s.,