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June 5, 2009


Hi lovelies! Busy, busy, busy this weekend I am studying like crazy because next week I only have one day of school and then 3 days of exams and I am done! I cannont wait it is going way to slow! It is getting warmer outside and I am so happy...but I am going to miss my dear tights! Here is a spread from Teen Vogue on more pasty, pale color prom dresses. This spread made me happy because it is just something that has never been done for my prom so it just interests me! I know I am influenced by little things! Okay I have got to go now so here are the pics and I hope the next post is more excitiing!I love this pale mini-dress it's so simple and different! The shawl over the dress is also nice.
sweet picture oooohhhh toilet paper. and fun dresses yeah. i love the sunglasses on the girl they are crazysweet.yeah flowers. i love the big flowers on the dress. i'm not really loving the leggings...Im not really a leggings fan. have a lovely weekend!
Love. JL.

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Alice said...

lovely styling in this photoshoot. Always love the all white/layering look.
Alice x